Nigeria shall win AFCON 2024, and World Cup in 2034!

Nigeria shall win AFCON 2024, and World Cup in 2034!

Nigeria shall win AFCON 2024, and World Cup in 2034!

By Segun Odegbami

It is clear that Africans have been victims of an established post-colonial World Order that has kept the continent shackled in a mental siege of an unworkable ‘democratic’ formular that breeds corrupt leaders and governments, and weak institutions. It is also clear that the continent is ‘designed’ by the global super powers to be their cash-cow, to under-achieve and to remain dependent, forever.

The evidence of these is in the prevailing and political drama unfolding in several countries now.

In this climate, three types of Africans have emerged.

There is the vast majority that see everything happening around, accept them as their fate, remain passive, and do nothing!

There are those that observe the same things, lament, ask the question ‘why’?, but do nothing.

Then, there is the third group, a minority, that sees the same things, envisions a different possible outcome, ask ‘why not?’, and then dares to do something.

The last type of an African has remained the conscience of a continent that has been kept poor by other global forces that see the continent as the precious prize in a seeming fight-to-the-death in the world.

Africa is now akin to an aircraft over-laden with political, economic, cultural and social baggage, flying through turbulent weather, its fate tied to the skills of a drunken pilot.

Those of us whose lives are also like aprons tied to Sport are observing, with interest, the unfolding political drama around Africa, and daring to dream and to envision a different positive future for the continent, by asking, ‘Why not?’ We dare to do things that only those with the right ‘eyes’ shall see.

This past week, I received a message from a friend who knows Senator Owan Enoh very well. He swears to me that the new Minister of Sports is a maverick, and a ‘Dreamer’. He tells me that the man is determined to prove every skeptic wrong by achieving in Sport what no minister before him had ever achieved. That may appear a tall dream but that’s what has tickled my fancy. I like it.

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