‘You Lack Sophistication Befitting Of A Vice President’ – Atiku Camp Fires Shettima Over Comment On Retiring Him To Goats, Chickens

‘You Lack Sophistication Befitting Of A Vice President’ – Atiku Camp Fires Shettima Over Comment On Retiring Him To Goats, Chickens

'You Lack Sophistication Befitting Of A Vice President' - Atiku Camp Fires Shettima Over Comment On Retiring Him To Goats, Chickens

The camp of the 2023 presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar has urged Vice President Kashim Shettima to decide if he wants to be a statesman or a comedian.

The Special Assistant to Atiku on Public Communications, Mr. Phrank Shaibu, added that Shaibu failed abysmally during his term as the Borno State Governor, doing nothing but turn Borno State which is the home of peace into hellfire by allowing terrorists to overrun the state.

Shaibu made the claim in a statement on Thursday in which he reacted to comments by Shettima shortly after Wednesday’s tribunal ruling that the APC would not retire Atiku to Dubia or Morocco, but to Kombina, where he would be rearing goats and chickens.

However, Atiku’s aide said it was laughable that Shettima who has the most woeful governance record in Nigerian history and could not lift the people of Borno State from poverty was planning on investing in Atiku.

He added that ordinarily, the camp of the former Vice President wouldn’t give a response but Shettima’s behaviour is getting unbecoming of a statesman.

He said, “Ordinarily, we wouldn’t have responded to Kashim Shettima since he has an incurable speech deficiency which is so severe that most Nigerians can hardly understand what he says. However, for the sake of the reading public, this response becomes very important.

“He loves to rack lackluster jokes at every given opportunity. Last year, he said Vice-President Osinbajo should have been an ice cream man instead of a politician. Later on, he said Nigeria needed a leader like Sani Abacha.

“As part of his circus act, he visited the annual general conference of the Nigerian Bar Association in an oversize suit, a pair of sneakers and a poorly knotted tie. Shettima needs to decide if he wants to be a statesman or Baba Sala of blessed memory. His behaviour is certainly unbefitting for a man who currently holds the exalted office of Vice-President, even if temporarily.”

The statement added that Shettima has adopted the act of deriding others because he has nothing worthwhile to say about himself or his principal, Bola Tinubu, whose three months in office have only worsened poverty and inflation.

He said, “Shettima was appointed as commissioner for finance and later became governor of Borno State. Those who brought him had high expectations for him having come from the banking sector. However, rather than bring prosperity to the people of Borno, he opened the floodgates of terror.

“During his tenure as governor between 2011 and 2019, Borno State was taken over by terrorists completely. He ignored a security report about an impending attack on Chibok which ultimately led to the abduction of over 250 schoolgirls.

“Specifically, the head of WAEC’s National Office in Nigeria, Charles Eguridu, stated in 2014 that WAEC had informed Shettima about the danger of holding exams in Chibok and advised that the students be relocated to Maidguri which was relatively safer. Shettima refused to relocate the students and they were abducted, half of whom have not been seen again till today.

“Even though he left government four years ago, the millions of residents of Borno State have yet to recover from the mistake called Shettima. Rather than be penitent, he continues to move about like a clown, making unsolicited dry jokes about others.”

Seek Forgiveness

Shaibu continued by wondering what manner of substance Shettima was on when he proceeded to denigrate the great Fombina kingdom headed by HRH Barkindo Aliyu Mustapha, the Lamido of Adamawa.

Shaibu advised the Vice-President to stick to praying to God for forgiveness for thwarting the destiny of the millions of people of Borno State.

“We advise Kashim Shettima to spend the remainder of his days praying to God everyday for forgiveness for destroying the lives of the millions of people of Borno State rather than making dry and insipid jokes at those who have actually bettered the lives of people.

“His lack of sophistication is eroding the elegance of the Office of the Vice-President. Men of honour have held that position in the past and Shettima should learn from the examples they led in public decency. In any case, he would do well by attending a finishing school on Atiku’s scholarship and learn how to behave like a polished statesman,” Shaibu said.

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